Friendly Workouts

Now I’ve never considered myself an athlete…but I realize I’ve always had some sort of sport in my life. First I started in ballet (I was like a graceful hippo…), then gymnastics (pretty much the same results as ballet LOL), then tap (my mom was really hoping for a dancer…sorry mom!), finally to tae-kwon-do (I’m better at kicking people than doing pirouettes haha) and then swim team in high school. Then in college, I found a love of the elliptical, then post college aka the last few years, I’ve gone from being a gym rat to indoor rock climber to a marathon runner and my current favorite Soul Cycle-er! I’m not writing this to say “woohoo I work out!” but because I realize almost all of these activities are solo sports. I’ve always been more of a Lone Ranger in regards to working out. I guess it’s because I like workout times to be my zen time and if I’m with people, I’ll talk. Or they’ll talk to me. Then there goes zen time haha 

However recently, I started to find the joy in doing workouts with friends. First, it’s actually fun to show others why I love Soul Cycle (seriously hire me Soul! I’m your biggest ambassador 😛). And it’s motivating to get out and run the Rose Bowl or 6 miles around Poland when I know someone is expecting me there. 

Or hey, running a marathon might not have happened if I didn’t have fellow cheerleaders (or commisaraters) with me 😛 
My latest venture has been yoga and this is an “independent” sport since it’s just you and the yoga mat. But I have had a disdain for yoga since I’m not flexible…and yes, I realize I’m not flexible since I don’t stretch which would help if I did yoga…it’s a vicious circle hah anyways I started to go because my #workwife and a few other friends have invited me and I’m all about the social activities so I go. Surprise, surprise, I’m not flexible and apparently have no balance haha BUT going with friends makes all the differences. It’s nice to attempt tree pose or watch others do crow pose (I am not about to attempt that yet!) with friends. 

So hey you, go workout with your friends! Maybe it’ll be a yoga date or maybe a hike! Try something different because you never know…you might surprise yourself! And at very least this is a nice bonding time that is “healthier” than just getting coffee and dessert all the time 🙂 xo

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