bye 2016!

So first things first, what the heck, 2016 is over already? I feel like the older I get, the faster the years go by…but seriously 2016 flew by…

This was my first full year in Los Angeles. My first full year of #adulting (kind of… :P). I learned a lot this year. I learned it’s okay to feel broken and it’s okay to ask for help. I learned it’s good to take time for oneself (this was the hardest lesson for an extrovert like me!). I managed the most baby shows of my career (62!) and have learned to pass the baton. I achieved my childhood dream of visiting Greece (it was everything and more!) and achieved my schoolgirl dreams of meeting my first movie crush, Freddie Prinze Jr., and my first TV crush, Chad Michael Murray 🙂

2016 has been with its challenges personally and globally. I’m pretty sure I cried more this year than any other year (I also alwaysss say that hah), but I have also seen the silver linings, the hope and positive actions of people. I’ve made new friends and been with old friends as they’ve accomplished new dreams. I started doing things that I never dreamed possible like go on a missions trip to Thailand, sign up for 2 half marathons and cook pulled pork (yes, I know I need to learn to cook more :P)

I know 2017 will also have obstacles (as every year of life does) but I’m more excited to see what comes out of it! Also for my new year resolutions (I rarely make them…) I’ll just say, I resolve to continue to learn, to continue to approach each situation & person with an open heart & open mind and I resolve to learn to cook more than just cereal 🙂 

Thank you to everyone who crossed paths with me this year and I look forward to doing more of life with you! And to those I haven’t met yet, can’t wait to meet you in 2017 xo

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