Gilmore Girls


So I tend to get wayyyy too invested in television shows (hello, I went to the One Tree Hill convention…yes it’s a real thing :P) and Gilmore Girls definitely has a part of my heart so you can imagine my excitement when I first heard there was going to be a revival this year! I had to prepare myself for it by watching all 7 seasons again because honestly, so much had happen between now and then…and sometimes I have the memory of a goldfish 😛 I won’t ruin the ending for any of you readers who haven’t had a chance to finish the 4 episode revival (THOSE LAST FOUR WORDS!!!), but I will share this really RANDOM post I wrote at 4am a few months ago when I finished rewatching the original series. I was just writing this for myself and a few choice friends, but they said it was funny and I should share it so here I am 🙂 Again I forewarn you, THIS IS VERY RANDOM, but hey, if this blog isn’t here for me to be random on, where else can I go 😛

Gilmore Girls Now & Then (yes, I titled this entry :P)

Since the ATX Gilmore Girls reunion, rumors have been swirling that Gilmore Girls will have a reboot of some sort to conclude the ending satisfactorily. And now in light of the Netflix announcement that they will be reviving the show with some super sized episodes to catch us up with our favorite ladies, I decided to binge watch all 7 seasons and man, what I thought about the show before and what I think now is so different!

Let me give you some quick background, I was in middle school and high school when Gilmore Girls originally aired and I watched every episode faithfully. I’ll admit I stumbled upon the third episode of the first season and stuck around at first because I am a huge fan of Chad Michael Murray, but I stayed a fan because I loved how rapidly the ladies spoke. Anyways, here’s my bullet point version of what adolescent me and adult me thought of Gilmore Girls:


Jess Marino:

  • Adolescent me: bad bays are HOT aka I’m #teamJess. I love how mysterious he is and he’s so romantic with his nonverbal gestures. I also love his leather jackets!
  • Adult me: Jess is so irresponsible! Why doesn’t he ever speak or say anything??! Rory needs a man, not this BOY!


Lorelei & Christopher’s Relationship:

  • Adolescent me: Christopher doesn’t stand a chance because obviously Luke and Lorelei belong together! Who is this guy anyways?
  • Adult me: Christopher and Lorelei’s on and off relationship MAKES SENSE NOW! Of course they will always love each other because they have all that history and THEY HAVE A DAUGTHER TOGETHER! With the separation rate so high nowadays, I understand why it’s hard to get over an ex; especially an ex that you will see time and time again because there is a child involved. Part of me would understand if Lorelei and Chris did end up together, but I have a feeling that is a different storyline for a different show.


Lorelei & Luke’s Relationship

  • Adolescent me: Luke and Lorelei are perfect for each other!
  • Adult me: Luke and Lorelei are good together in the way that opposites attract and Luke really loves Rory like his own kid, BUT they do need to work on their relationship. Luke is naturally grumpy and doesn’t speak up at times while Lorelei can be a little headstrong with her opinions. For them to really make it work past their banter in the diner, they need to compromise especially since they technically have two kids: Rory and April.


Rory trying again with Dean

  • Adolescent me: Rory and Dean already broke up, stop trying to make it work. #teamjess
  • Adult me: first love is the one you’ll remember forever! It’s hard to say good bye to what was the first time you saw rainbows and butterflies or even more important, a future together! There’s a scene of Rory and Dean eating pie at Weston’s after they break up the first time and Dean said it’s hard to go from talking to someone everyday to not at all…that resonated DEEP with me and I’m pretty sure all folks who have experienced that first heartbreak. However, still not a fan of Dean cheating on his wife EVEN if it was with Rory.


Rory and Logan

  • Adolescent me: I miss Jess!
  • Adult me: Logan had his flaws, but he was a good boyfriend to Rory when it counted (ie when Richard had a heart attack) and he challenged her to do more! Even though his proposal was not the best timing, I do understand why he wanted the relationship to “move forward and not backward”.

Rory still loves Logan (even after he slept with the whole wedding party!)

  • Adolescent me: Just drop the fool who cheated on you! #teamjess
  • Adult me: Sometimes you love people for reasons you cannot explain. After you live a few more years, you start to understand that people aren’t perfect and the heart finds a way to still love them.

Rory rejects Logan’s proposal

  • Adolescent me: NOOOO!! Rory needs to end up with a guy! A happy ending is a guy and a girl together!
  • Adult me: Rory saying no makes PERFECT SENSE! Her whole life she had planned to be a journalist and this shows that a woman doesn’t need a guy to feel complete. I’m glad that Rory is making her way on her own and as she said when she walked out of her college apartment “the future is wide open” phrase defines my postgrad life.

These are just some of the major thoughts that crossed my mind while watching Gilmore Girls again. I’m happy to say the pop culture references were still funny and I FINALLY understand their addiction to coffee…also after writing this I realize that I focus WAYYY too much time on Rory’s love life over Lorelei’s haha anyways,  I can’t wait till the revival!

[note: now that I’ve seen the revival since writing this I have MANYYYY more thoughts on all of this, but that will be for another blog post xo]

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