My Working Out Favorites

img_2252Tomorrow is the first of December. Tomorrow is the first of the last month of 2016. Tomorrow means I only have a month before my half marathon…basically this is major “go time” for me on the workout level and if you follow my insta (@love.lilla) or snapchat (@misspcilla) you’ll see me running (or trying at least haha) and at Soul Cycle A LOT! Working out hasn’t just been a hobby, it’s seriously become a sanity keeper and a lifestyle. I can honestly say I’m a nicer person when I workout…I also am a little more tired 😛

I admit there are days I just cannot get myself out of bed to the gym, but I’m a strong believer on if you feel good, you’ll do good…or at least fake it till you make it 😛 and this leads me to my obsession with workout items like earbuds, shoes, leggings, tanks and all things athleisure. If I’m going to attempt to be an athlete, I very much should at least look like one 🙂

So here are is a quick list of some of my favorite workout gear:

Sudio earbuds: wireless headphones are a must for me when running! My friend Cashmere turned me to these earbuds and my first reaction is they are gorgeous with the clean white and rose gold accents. I’m still testing them out on my runs so I’ll give a full earbud review soon, but right off the bat, they fit my ears well (I have issues with the earbuds falling out usually) and the ease of use is perfect for a tech noob like myself. You just hold a button down, Bluetooth connects and you’re up and running…literally 🙂 If you’re looking for a good gift for your workout or music lovers, these would make a great Christmas gift and can be found at Best Buy. Happy running…and shopping 🙂


Fabletics: This is the Kate Hudson workout clothing brand. At first, I was skeptical and thought it was just another celeb putting their name on clothes so naturally I had to buy a few items 🙂 I can happily say I LOVE THEIR JACKETS AND LEGGINGS! Seriously, they all have a artistic twist on such a simple piece and I end up wearing them out and about on normal days moreso than when I work out. I recently did a run and a Soul Cycle class in them and am pleased to say, they kept up.


Victoria’s Secret sport bras: My friend Allyson turned me to these amazing zipper VS sports bras. This might be TMI, but I hate trying to take off a sports bra after an intense workout (looking at you Soul Cycle :P) because it’s sweaty and usually too hard to lift my arms above my head after class. This sports bra is a lifesaver and unzips and unhooks easily and life is good again 🙂 I’m not a fan of running with these though because the zipper tends to cut into me…so I recommend this for cycling and hiking 🙂

Twelve Little: If you’ve been following my blog or insta, you’ll notice that I have a lot of diaper bags…like A LOT…and again I have no kids so that’s not weird or anything 😛 Anyways, I’m a fan of diaper bags because they make the best gym bags! They have compartments everywhere and are cute to boot! My recent favorite is the Unisex Courage Satchel Two-Tone because it literally holds everything I need for a workout class: change of clothes, flip flops, water bottle, hairbrush, headphones, make up, etc.

Old Navy workout clothes: they are definitely an unsung hero in a world of workout clothes. They are affordable so I can buy 10 of the same pair of shorts (I have a problem, I’m aware :P) and they fit me well. I also really love their inspirational quotes on tanks! Seriously, check them out, they are my FAVORITE!

If you have any favorites for working out, please share! Till next time my friends xo


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