Bridesmaid 101: gift wrap bouquet

I’ve definitely fallen off the weekly post train and I have no excuse other than life happens 😛 but we’re back at it! Today’s subject is how to make a bouquet at the bridal shower for the wedding rehershal. 

Please note, during the bridal shower’s time for gifts, please delegate the following roles to a bridesmaid each:

– someone to write down who gave the gift and what the gift is 

– someone to take a photo of the bride, gift giver and the gift itself 

– someone to get the ribbons and tissue paper to make the bouquet 

– someone to collect the ripped up wrapping paper and discards wrappings

For the bridemaid who gets the lovely task of making the bouquet, here’s a little how to by yours truly! 

1) get a paper plate and cut a hole in the center

2) hope the bride opens a gift with ribbons early on, the ribbon will be your “base” 

3) string the ribbon through the plate’s hole and tie a loop

4) start collecting the tissue paper (hopefully a variety of colors) and I like to bunch them up so they “poof” up and create more volume

5) place the “poof-ed” tissue paper in the loop so the center of the paper is where the loop is 

6) once you’re out of paper, tighten the loop into a knot or some fun bows

7) fluff paper as desired and tada! 

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