Blogger brunch 

So I’ve worked with bloggers in the mommy space for a while now, but by no means do I consider myself a blogger. Yes, I do write reviews about diaper bag usage as a non-mom or about places to eat while traveling, but to be called “a blogger” wasn’t in my vocabulary. But I guess that all changed when I got an invite from Melrose PR for a blogger brunch. My initial thoughts were 1) was this spam? and 2) are they asking for baby carriers? When both questions were answered with a “no” I got excited! I see how powerful virtual connections are in my line of work so I was excited to make some on my own 🙂 

I didn’t really know what was going to happen but I feel like one of my favorite phrases encompassed my approach to this: YOLO 😘 I arrived at the Salt Creek Grille in El Segundo aka the west side. We were treated to the new menu as we were seated at the newly renovated outdoor area. We indulged in Bloody Mary’s (the bacon covered shrimp is heaven in your mouth!), spiced egg hash, mimosas, beignets and more. Honestly each dish was flavorful and beautiful with color! I got excited everytime the waiter came over. If you’re on the west side I strongly recommend going over!

Aside from the food, I was most pleased to meet some lovely people! My wonderful tablemates were Jose, Dalia and Jamie. I loved hearing about their lives and interests. Social media is a crazy thing when you really think about it as it connects strangers. Anyways I am thankful to Melrose PR for the invite and hope to attend more events like this xo

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