Bridesmaid 101: Bridal Shower – Lingerie

Oh la la…the fun part for the bride…or actually for the groom if you really think about it 😛

the bride was flustered with our gift to her 😝
So this is a common question I get a lot in regards to should you have a free for all gift wise for the bridal shower. Well one,  I always recommend to the bride to have a registry or she’ll end up with a lot of random items. But if she loves random surprises, then by all means go for it 🙂

But as the bridesmaids are planning the bridal shower, please ask the bride if she’s okay with getting lingerie. As funny as it is to watch the bride blush at receiving see-through night gowns or other lacey numbers we do want to respect her relationship with her mother and mother in law. If it’s a joint family and friends event, please check in. If it’s just friends invited, I think it’s all fair game in love, war, and lingerie 😛

I am awkward buying lingerie for others haha

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