the everyday question: to have a car singalong/dance party or not

So I live in LA and this means I spend a lot of time in my car…like a LOT of time in my car…it’s basically my second home 😛 I actually don’t mind the LA traffic (keep in mind I’ve only been here for a little over a year so ask me again in another year) because I am a big music person! I love to listen to music, to sing along, to imagine full on choreography etc so like I said, I don’t mind driving around so I can listen to my tunes. BUT I always hit the eternal question: to full on sing/shimmy or just singalong without moving too much so the car next to me can’t tell if I’m just talking to someone via speakerphone or am talking to myself? I seriously think this every day I’m in my car because I’ve seen some “interesting” dancing in the car and I admit I judge >.< BUTTTT the more time I spend in my car, the more I realize WHO CARES? Granted I don’t think anyone should be doing a full on tango in the car (safe driving please!), singing along and bopping your head to the beat as well as doing a planned shimmy at the red light makes life a little more fun! So go be you girl (or guy!) and if you happen to drive next to me and see me having a Mariah Carey moment, just know I’m probably listening to One Direction or Taylor Swift and just like to be a little dramatic with my hand motions and head bops 😛

My current playlist is below! Just fyi, I love a strong bass because it makes it easier to air drum and I fully admit that I imagine doing Soul Cycle moves to a lot of these songs (yes, I’m a #souladdict so tap back :P) AND most importantly, I like to look up lyrics so I can sing along…yes, I try and learn the rap parts too 🙂

Happy listening! And tell me, do you like to sing/dance in the car? If so, we should definitely go do some karaoke together sometime 😛 xo

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