Pretty Little Liars

I admit I’m late to the game. A lot of my friends have praised the show Pretty Little Liars for years, but I kept being a scaredy-cat (fun fact: I’m the worst with scary movies…I’m usually hiding under a blanket or jumping at every little thing) and refusing to watch it. But one night a week ago, I decided to see what the hype was about as I had just finish binge watching Gossip Girl (yes, yes I know, I’m SOOOO behind on multiple shows! thank goodness for Netflix :P) so I clicked on PLL.

A week later and I’M HOOKED! And funny timing since I just heard that this current season will be the last…so I’m averaging a season a week (I would be faster if I didn’t have to go to work :P) meaning I can be caught up in about a month or so if I have no social life 😛 I’m pleasantly surprised that the show does have the “thriller” factor, but can be a little ridiculous at times which helps ease the “fear”. Also I admit that I’m too focused on the fashion to be too worried…and that’s what brings me to this post! I love how each girl has a distinct style, even though some outfits I’m quite confused by, but since I’m now obsessed with the show, I’ve decided to see how many outfits I can make that somewhat replicate what the characters wear in the show or the ladies wear IRL. I was going to wear all the outfits (I promise when I do I will #PWdoesPLLoutfits haha), but I want to post this tonight since the summer season final of the show airs tonight so bear with my staged outfits 🙂

the original Pretty Little Liars
this one is random: Hanna’s shorts, Spencer’s top & Aria’s hat
need to buy a look-a-like backpack 😛
Lucy Hale
def need to get glasses (with fake lenses)


Tammin aka Jenna Marshall

So that was a waste of time BUT SO FUN 🙂 and I realize I have quite a bit of clothing haha

Also my thoughts on PLL:

  • I’m team #spoby and #haleb all the way!! #endgame
  • my fav PLL is Spencer! Not only is she smart, she’s tall too! #gotallgirls
  • I strongly dislike the opening credits because that song “got a secret…blah blah one of them is dead” freaks me out and I try and jump over it on Netflix…I usually fail LOL
  • I think Ezra always looks surprised…it makes me giggle
  • I saw Lucy Hale at Soul Cycle before I started watching so I didn’t fangirl…if I saw her now, it would probably be a different story 😛
  • I’ve met Tammin aka Jenna Marshall a few times and she’s the sweetest and the tiniest! It’s weird for me to see her as a “villian” haha
it was her idea to pose under a tree for the best lighting 🙂 #actresssecret

okay this random post is now done! I will go watch PLL now xo

2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars

  1. omg. andrew and i just recently binged-watched PLL. so good. I had no idea what it was about…. and i can’t believe you’re friends with jenna marshall!!!

    have you noticed yet how often the characters say sorry for kissing? hahaha… miss you pwan.

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