New North @ Soul Cycle & Brunch

If you follow me on instagram (@love.lilla) or snapchat (@misspcilla), you know my love for Soul Cycle runs deep…as well as my love for brunch…and bags! So this past week, I had a morning of all of my favorite things 🙂
First, my friend, Chandler, had kicked off the week with a Kickstarter for his innovative bag that….wait for it…has a “no crush zone”! His ultimate lifestyle bag is called the New North and it may look like any duffel or tote bag, but the “no crush zone” is a separate section at the bottom with reinforced walls. Yes my friends, this means your shoes won’t touch your clean clothes when packed up or your cute hat won’t be flatten immediately upon travel. As the ultimate bag lady, I needed to try this immediately! I’m not traveling for the time being so I went with the tote because hello #gymlife 😛

Now this leads me to my Soul Cycle addiction! I seriously saw this bag and thought immediately “oh my spin shoes could fit in there!” and I was righttttt 🙂 It was easy to fit all of my necessities (change of clothes, make up, socks, water bottle, scarf, etc) in and I loved knowing my shoes were protected. Be sure to check them out! 

I did my test trail with the New North at the Soul and Brunch event at the Culver City studio. It was a blogger event and as always, I love meeting inspirational, creative and funny women. We all got set up and rode with the amazing Jenny C. who was #girlpower all the way! Then we were treated to brunch of the make it yourself parfaits and Pressed Juicery’s goodies all on the adorable Cheeky Home products. It was already a lovely morning made EVEN BETTER with flower crown making! I admit, it’s harder to make a flower crown than one would think, but I think it turned out pretty good? 😛 till the next ride xo


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