Bridesmaid 101: the bouquet toss

I’ve never understood why single ladies all hide and shrink away when the bouquet toss is announced. Now ya’ll can’t say I don’t know how it feels to be a single lady because my friends, I am one of you! Or if you’re reading this and not single, then I’m not one of you, but you get what I mean 😛

There is no shame in being single my friends! I say have a little fun with the bouquet toss. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone…unless you throw your shoe at someone or bodycheck them for the bouquet. I say may the odds be ever in your favor 🙂

Also as a good bridesmaid, you should be a  good sport and go wait to catch the bouquet because no bride wants to throw to an empty pool of no one.

And hey brides, if you want to make catching the bouquet a little more enticing, I recommend putting a gift card on the bouquet 😛 It makes it all a little more fun xo ps thank you Tracy and Lisa for these amazing bouquet toss photos! 

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