Evosa Hydrate

Mondays…I admit this is one of the harder days to get up and get going…I really wish weekends were three days…but I bet if that were true, I would make the case for weekends to be four days 😛

Anyways, I just wanted to share one of my favorite things to help me roll out of bed Monday morning (and most mornings): the Evosa Hydrate Tumbler! I admit that I’m not great at drinking water…or liquids at all for that matter. I just plain forget to drink and then it’s like I walked the Sahara Desert and then it’s just too late and I faint from dehydration (sadly this is not just me being dramatic…I’ve actually fainted before -_-)

So now I try and make hydrating more fun for me since fainting isn’t fun. I’ve tried a bunch of various water bottles (that will be a separate post), but my go to for tea is the Evosa since it is easy to put the loose leaf tea in the stainless steel basket. One of my pet peeves is loose leaves floating around and then I end up trying to dodge them while I drink…yes, I know I’m a little OCD 😛 Anyways, I also love how easy it is to clean with the wide open mouth portion.

And good news for ya’ll, is my friends at Evosa are doing a giveaway with my other friend Clara today 🙂 check out their instagrams to enter! Good luck my lovelies and hopefully we can all drink tea together xo

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