Bridesmaid 101: #dreamteam

ash & gSo far I’ve been in 5 weddings (2 more coming up…) and I’ve noticed that the most important thing (aside from the bride) is how the bridesmaids meet and work together. Now I’ve been in weddings where I know the entire wedding party already but I’ve also been in some where I’m literally meeting the wedding party at the bridal shower or at the wedding itself 😛 Here are some hints to make this process smoother since no matter if you know the wedding party or not, it’s a lot of personalities working together for a common goal: the happiness of the couple ❤

Intros: usually the bride will send out an email or text to the bridesmaids introducing each other with a quick blurb of how she knows them all. I recommend saying “hello!” when you get this so 1) the bride knows you read it and 2) the team can break the ice & start the conversation. I am quite the extrovert (some of you may know that LOL) so I usually respond right away with “hey ladies! can’t wait to plan with you and go see a Chippendales show :P”…yes I realize my note doesn’t work for EVERYONE, but you got to admit that I’m memorable 🙂

Teamwork: some can say being a bridesmaid is like being a literal maid (it’s in Mindy Kaling’s book! you need to read it!) and in some ways, that is accurate. You’re doing work to help someone else which could be looked at as maid’s work, but it can also be looked at like being a good friend so suck it up and find the fun in it 🙂 So when the bride ask you to wake up at 6am to be first in line at the wholesale flower mart the day before the wedding…you say yes. You are part of her team because she knows she can rely on you to help her on “the happiest day of her life”. Be a good teammate! PS it’s okay to ask for coffee…lots of coffee for said flower trip 😛

coll flowers

the “trifecta”: when you say yes to being a bridesmaid, you are saying yes, I’ll help plan & attend your bridal shower and yes, I’ll help plan & attend your bachelorette party and most of all yes, I’ll be standing up there with you on your wedding day. Please be aware this is a three day commitment minimum. Some bachelorette parties are longer than a day and in that case, good luck to you 😛

Okay so this turned out to be a summary of sorts like last time, but I promise my next posts will be more in depth about the bridal shower planning process, the bridal shower itself, the bachelorette party planning process and of course the bachelorette party itself. I also have random topics like the bouquet toss, where to hold your flowers, etc so keep an eye out on. Till next time xo



2 thoughts on “Bridesmaid 101: #dreamteam

  1. Thank you forever for the early morning flower mart run!! I’m pretty sure it was 5, not even 6, LOLLL. You’s da bestttt xoxoxox


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