Bridesmaid 101: Part 1

So you said yes to being part of your friend’s wedding! Woohoo! This is the first step to signing over your life haha I’m just kidding 😛 I’ve been in 4 weddings thus far (in my 5th wedding today!!) and it really is an HONOR to be part of someone’s special day, BUT I think people who are new to the wedding world don’t understand what they are saying yes to so to help you out I’ll be posting every week till I run out of material. My new series is called: “Bridesmaid 101” aka how to be a kickass bridesmaid 🙂 ps I’ve also been a wedding planner and coordinator so I know my way around a wedding…except for being a bride of course 😛

Today’s lesson is just going to be an overview of what a bridesmaid will need to do from the time she says YES to the wedding day:

  1. connect with the rest of the bridal party: these folks are going to be your team so it helps to start on positive footing. You may not know each other, but you have a common thing: you all love the bride! So remember that the bride is the focus 🙂
  2. trifecta: it’s not just the wedding day that you’re promising the bride you’ll be at. You will also need to plan/pay/organize the bridal shower and the bachelorette party
  3. expenses: so just be prepared to spend some money on this “new role” because generally the bridal party covers the entire bridal shower and bachelorette party + bridal shower and wedding gift…oh and sometimes the bridesmaid dress + hair + make-up + accessories for the wedding day. Just being real with ya’ll that it ain’t cheap.
  4. bridal shower (will be a post on it’s own with details): can be just a family event, just a friend event or a joint effort. This event usually has food of some sort, games and mingling.
  5. bachelorette party (also will be a post on it’s own with examples): this can be low key or a much more extravagant affair depending on the bride’s vibe (and what the bmaids can afford). 
  6. the bride: sometimes you’ll watch your cool, calm and collected friend transform into bridezilla…and it’s not that fun BUTTTTT just remember that she’s got a lot going on since this is literally a new chapter in her life that does change a lot. So cut her some slack…but don’t feel bad if you need to KINDLY tell your bride no sometimes. Once I had to tell a bride that I really could not justify buying green shoes just to match the dress…I wasn’t trying to be rude, but with all the other cost, it just started to add up. I calmly explained that nude would be more neutral and easier for rewear AND match all of our dresses still…she agreed and we’re still friends 😛 ultimately try not to pick battles!

Okay that’s just a quick overview of the main topics in the world of being a bridesmaids. I have to go get my hair and make up done for today’s wedding so till next week’s post xo

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