Little Unicorn Manifest Weekender

IMG_8329Little Unicorn has the most classic diaper bags in the business and with an amazing price point! The Manifest Weekender bag transports me to the olden days where people got around on carriages and horses. I could imagine myself wearing petticoats, carrying a parasol and getting ready to ride across the lands…okay my imagination has gone too far 🙂

But really though, this bag is perfect for an overnight trip! The classic design makes it a fashion statement as well. I easily fit in a change of clothes, small toiletry bag, a pair of flip flops and a scarf. The only slight issue I’ve had with the bag is with the magnet closure. They are very powerful so they close on me very quickly which can be irritating when I just want it the bag to stay open so I can throw stuff in, but at least I know once my items are in the bag, they won’t fall out.



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