Eliana in the City

If you’ve ever had a real life conversation with me, I’ll mention “my cousin” or “cousins” at one point because 1) I have a lot of cousins and 2) I’m really close to my cousins. Even though most of my cousins live on the east coast, they are like my older sisters and I thank FaceTime and phone calls for that. Also I am blessed to have a job that requires me to go to the east coast a few times a year so I get to see them! I admit that I make sure to Facetime/visit them more often now because they have babies aka my godbabies!!! And as a proud godmother, I’m a little obsessed with these kiddos (you prob realize this if you follow me on Instagram -@love.lilla) so it’s no surprise that I make every effort to photograph ever moment with them. Seriously kids grow so fast!

During my last NYC trip I had some time to take a few photos of my goddaughter, Eliana, and I know I’m biased, but she is quite the cutie 🙂 Also fun fact, I was an art major in college so I like to call myself an amateur photographer 😛 Enjoy!

hey there cutie!
seeing the world through your eyes is amazing!
just casually posin’
hey you, no more pictures 😛

Yay to seeing this cutie soon! #proudgodmother #hereyes #loveyoumorethanyouknow

xo, Lilla


One thought on “Eliana in the City

  1. Aww love!!! So happy that you get to see her grow up whether it be through FaceTime, calls, quick visits etc! We can’t wait to see you! #weLOVEYOURjob xxo


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