Bridal Shower Love

So 2020 definitely hasn’t been what anyone has expected! However, I was blessed to have one thing go as planned and that was my amazing bridal shower from my bride tribe ☺️ In the month of February aka a time where we all still could hug and freely share food and drink was my high tea bridal shower. I’ve always been a fan of high tea and my bridesmaids made my high tea/princess dreams come true!

First, I was given a crown and sash (all necessities!) and then I entered my childhood home, it was all purple and pink prettiness! Handmade scones, apple roses, cupcakes, macaroons, tea sandwiches, walnut tarts and so much more! I was quite full, but so worth it. Also check out the handmade photobooth sign! Yes, that was cut out by hand and yes, that is moss carefully glued on 😍

Aside from the delicious food, the girls had a “who knows the bride best” game as well as a “he said/she said” game with a surprise video of Brian. It was fun to see how well my then future husband and I know each other and our history!

Lastly, was gift opening and photobooth picture taking and it was just glorious! Ps personalized gifts are seriously the best!

It’s crazy how much can change in such a short amount of time because just a few weeks after, the world as we knew it changed drastically. So my bridal shower means even more to me as it was the last time I was able to see a lot of these friends and family and honestly, any day with my closest and dearest together is the best. I’m trying to remain hopeful that we can reunite again soon, but until then, I’ll be scrolling these pictures and remembering the “good ole days”.

Huge shoutout to my aunts and mom for all the yummy goodies and to my bridesmaids for all of it and more – can’t wait to stand at the alter with y’all xo

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