DC Highlights

This past fall, the boyfriend and I went to the east coast to visit my family. We tried to make the most of our time there so we decided to do a quick day trip to Washington D.C. I can already tell you, this isn’t nearly enough time haha but we did the best we could 🙂

Not only did we have a tight timeframe, but we also were trying to beat the rain because I’m not a fan of exploring when wet and cold 😛 We went to the main stops: Lincoln memorial, National Mall (fun fact: this isn’t actually a shopping mall which I was bummed about haha) and the White House.

We made it into one museum and literally ran through so I could see the Hope Diamond because we know I love all things that sparkle 🙂 and the animal floor because it was like being in the movie “Night in the Museum”. Also we stumbled upon Albert Einstein 🙂 We definitely need to come back because it’s amazing that all the museums are FREE and right next to each other so that takes at least a full day. See you again DC xo

2 thoughts on “DC Highlights

    1. I’ve been before in the summer too and it was rough trying to schlep around in the heat and humidity! I had a better shot during the fall/winter but then I’m rushing to avoid the rain haha

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