Magic Castle hotel

If you’re a magic fan (or a “How I Met Your Mother” fan), you’ll know of Magic Castle – an exclusive clubhouse for magicians. It’s in Hollywood and a members only type place. I was trying to figure out a way into the club house to surprise the boyfriend for his birthday. I got a helpful hint that you can score an invite into the castle if you book a stay at the hotel next door. So a beautiful July day, I got it all booked with the hotel and entrance into the castle…for December! Can I tell you, it’s really hard trying to keep a surprise for so many months!

Anyways when the day came, I was on the edge of my seat. I had to pack fancy clothes for both of us (they have a strict dress code with jacket and tie for men and dresses for women – sidenote: a leather jacket doesn’t count as a coverup for women). I blindfolded the boyfriend as we made our way and when we arrived he was in shock…in a good way 🙂 when we arrived, the front desk folks were so attentive and friendly! They gave us sparkling lemonade at the counter and in our room was birthday cupcakes for the boyfriend (I told the hotel over the phone it was a celebration!). It’s a small and no frills type room. This quaint hotel has unlimited snacks 24/7 (just need to go to the front desk to request), unlimited soda machine, free soft serve ice cream from 2:30-9pm, 24 hour heated pool and in the summer, a popsicle hotline where you can call for them to bring you popsicles!

After settling in, it was time to enjoy the main event, Magic Castle! We had dinner reservations in the castle at 6pm (there are 3 seatings: 6pm, 8:30pm and 9:45pm), but we went early since the castle opens at 5pm. As soon as we entered, it was magic time! There are various stages with set magic shows and there are also various tables just set up for magicians to do their tricks if they feel like it. I highly recommend the close up gallery shows because it’s small and intimate and you can really see all the card tricks!

Also the boyfriend and I really enjoyed the food. He got the filet and I got beef Wellington. Both were delish! The cheese bread is suppose to be famous and it was good..but I don’t think it was really worth the price. However, I will definitely order the chocolate cake again! It’s very dense and rich, but so grand and delicious! Also please note: every guest must order an entree with prices ranging from $40-$65 roughly.

No photos are allowed in Magic Castle which creates even more of an air of mystery (and also harder for a post in my blog :P). It did allow me to give my full attention to all the magic on hand. The castle officially closes at 2am, but we found most acts and shows were over by 1am and the last hour is really for the magicians to relax.

We were there from 5:30pm till 1am and I still feel like we didn’t see it all! Considering how late we left, it was nice just to walk next door to our hotel to sleep. The next day we requested late check out so we could enjoy the heated pool and free continental breakfast. Magic Castle hotel is a great staycation for any LA readers! Overall the boyfriend had a great birthday and I found a love of magic again xo

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