Le Cinq

When the boyfriend and I finalized plans to visit Paris, we didn’t really have much on the itinerary since we had both gone before. We did want to do something special though since this would be the first time together in Paris. The boyfriend is amazing and surprised me with reservations to the three Michelin Star restaurant, Le Cinq, at the Four Seasons!

I didn’t know what to expect since I have never been anywhere so fancy! When we walked in, I was amazed by all the beautiful flowers.

We were seated and immediately the champagne trolley came around. We were warned by friends that this was not part of the menu and each glass was 36€ so we planned to skip, but when they came by with all the selections, we couldn’t help ourselves so we indulged 🙂 Next we were given a menu with an option of 4 dishes (145€) or 6 dishes (220€). We went with the 4 dish recommendation because the waiter said the boyfriend and I can just order opposite entrees and desserts and share so we get to taste everything.

First, we got beautiful pre-appetizers (not counted in our 4 dishes) and were amazed by the presentation and taste. We have a deconstructed avocado toast…or pizza? Something like that haha but the highlight was carrot shaped pieces filled with fresh carrot juice. It was refreshing and a surprise!

Next were the appetizers! Now this was my favorite course because the lobster bisque was to die for! It also came deconstructed which allowed for each bite to taste differently, but in a good way. I don’t really consider myself a foodie, but this bisque right here deserved all the emoji heart eyes!

Main course and dessert aka the main events of the meal. I got the fish and the boyfriend got lamb. I honestly wasn’t too into the fishy nature of my fish, but I think that had to do with my stomach feeling queasy even before we got there. However, the fish skin was perfectly crisped! And the lamb was delish, but the boyfriend ate most of both entrees. Onto my favorite part of any meal: dessert. I got strawberry and he got a cheesecake of some sort. I loved how pretty mine looked, but thought there would be more to it than just strawberries and cream. Boy was I wrong, it may look simple, but it was divine. I really think I would have been fine just eating plates of this and the lobster bisque 🙂

As beautiful as everything was, I admit, we felt like kids in a glass shop. I was a little afraid of doing something wrong like using the wrong fork or spoon 😛 I did love how attentive the waiters were…sometimes it was like whoa, they were watching ever move. For example, I went to the bathroom during one of the courses and when I returned, my food had a cover on it and they gave me a fresh napkin! It was pretty amazing!! Overall, this was a once in a lifetime experience! I’m glad we got to experience this, especially in Paris xo

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