I’m all about Instagram and I fully admit, I tend to do things just to get the photo. So when I heard another pop up museum, Candytopia, was opening, I had to get tickets! A few weekends ago, I got to go with the boyfriend and we ventured all the way to the west side. Side note: I really wish Santa Monica was closer…like miles wise it’s not horrible, but it feels like forever to get there no matter what time I leave…oh LA x_X okay end of sidenote.

So we arrived at Candytopia and I’m very surprised it’s part of a shopping center. The workers were very punctual so when we arrived at 8pm for our 8:15pm viewing, we were told to wait. Guess the early bird cliche phrase doesn’t work this time around 😛 The clock hits 8:15 and we’re inside. There’s a pretty cool door that reminds me of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. We entered and are led by a “museum expert” into the history of chocolate. It was cool to see how in character the workers were, but I just wanted to find this mirrored throne I saw on Instagram. Mission accomplished!

On the walls are famous art pieces like the Mona Lisa made out of candy. It’s cool at first, but also somewhat odd since the candy looks kind of “old” or stale/hard since the pieces have been up for a while and edible things like candy don’t last forever!

Some rooms had candy for us to munch on like pixie sticks or Lindor chocolates. The rooms all had themes that didn’t really correlate to one another like one room had a surf board and lifeguard stand with a hammock, but then the next room was a giant marshmallow pit. Basically Candytopia is just rooms made of candy items in various forms.

The marshmallow pit was fun since you’re just in a a giant tub of foam pieces, but it’s hard as heck to get out and also sooo warm in there. My favorite was the 100 swing because it made for what I deemed the best Instagram photo 🙂

Overall, Candytopia was a good date night! And it was a good excuse to venture to the west side. Do I think it was worth the $30 admission fee + tax & service fee? No, not really. I think I expected more interaction? Or maybe I just wanted more instagrammable walls made of candy? It was still fun though so my love of pop up museums isn’t ending anytime soon 😛 till next time xo

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