birthday weekend celebrations!

So birthday month is coming to a close and I’m so thankful for all the love and celebrations the last few days! This year, I got ask a few times if I feel different or older this birthday and I really don’t. Maybe because 29 doesn’t seem like a super significant age to me, but someone did frame it to me as my last year in my twenties and to that, I did a double take. It is a little sad to think this is it for my 20’s, but at the same time, my 20’s were a little nuts so maybe it’s a good thing to enjoy it for what it is and be ready to move on to the next decade. Regardless of what age I’m turning, I love my birthday because I’m always looking for any excuse to hang out and spend time with people I adore 🙂 Actually trying to figure out birthday plans got me thinking on the topic of friendships. Now, if you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m quite the people person which is great and dandy, but as I’m getting older, I’m realizing that having a handful of real “ride or die” friends (ps. I don’t really understand why the other option besides ride is to die…but I chalk this up to me getting older and not understanding “the lingo” :P) is what life is all about moreso than having 500+ acquaintances. As people get busier with their own lives, you start to see who’s a friend for a reason, a friend for a season and a friend for a lifetime. It’s not that people mean badly by it when they fade out of your life, but sometimes we grow out of each other’s lives…but the flipside is you also see who sticks around. With this passing birthday, I see how much it means to me when people take the time to make our friendship a priority. Quality time ranks high on my love language test so I try my best to make sure people know I care by spending time with them and I especially appreciate it when they do the same for me (if anyone is wondering, gifts – as in giving and receiving- is my number one love language :P).

lovers & friends

I can say I am so thankful for each year getting older because as my mom says “it’s either a birthday or the grave” so I think celebrating is better 🙂 Also I keep hearing that the 30’s you’re more set and you’re more self confident, but I think that just applies with living more life so why be scared to embrace another year around the sun if it means being more comfortable in my skin? Do I know what the heck I’m doing in life now? No, not really. But I’ve learned to go with the punches because life will forever throw curve balls. I’ve also learned to choose happy because with all those curve balls, happiness cannot be situational and needs to be more of a mindset.

Anyways, enough “happy preaching” (even though I highly recommend this book), now time to showcase all the amazing birthday celebrations this past weekend. I think no matter what age you’re turning, it’s always a good time to celebrate another year around the sun 🙂 and a huge shout out for the AMAZING tea party my boo and my so talented friends, Justin & Glenna, threw for me this past weekend 🙂 this seriously deserves all the heart eyes! ps they are up to hire for event (weddings, birthdays, all the things) planning! Justin and Glenna are…not my boo 😛 If you need their info, message me and I’ll hook it up 🙂

everyone gets a tiara and wand 🙂
all about the details

photo by Tee

And of course I had to end the night with a giant singalong! Check out Muse where the music videos never match up with the songs you’re singing, but they allow outside food and drinks and that’s a big win 🙂 Ps I always say I don’t do karaoke, but I’ve found if you put on a Spice Girl song, I can’t help but sing…or yell..whichever works for me 😛

funny enough, none of those beers are mine 😛
my happy place with people who make me happy!

And a VERYY VERRY big thank you to Richard and Adam for bringing me to the happiest place on earth. It was seriously the cherry on top this weekend 🙂

seriously the best!!!
I went big with a double scoop AND a chocolate dipped waffle cone!
animation studios is my favorite “ride” at California Adventures 🙂

with my favorite person xo

Thanks for all the love dear friends! Here’s to another year of choosing happy xo

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