All You Need is Love

Valentine’s Day – people hate it or embrace it…I fall in the latter category, but it’s partially due to the fact that it’s also my birthday! Basically I’m all about this holiday because I feel so loved on it that I can’t help but want to spread that love to everyone…even if they don’t want it 😛 I just want to throw glitter and sparkles on everyone 🙂 This also means happy birthday to my blog because this little passion project started two years ago today.

literally the day I did my first blog post!

So to commemorate this day, I decided all I really want is to write a love letter to the people in my life 🙂

This past year has had a lot of highs (hey cutie!) and a few lows. And through it all I say thank you to family and friends and to you readers out there because you are my friends too! Familial love, friendship love and romantic love is what life is all about because these amazing people are what I do life for! I’m so blessed to do life with you all!

Here’s to another year around the sun 🙂

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