Jujube Be Prepared

If you ever see me at the airport, you’ll see me rocking the Jujube Be Prepared. This is my all-time favorite travel bag for various reasons.

  1. the prints: Jujube is known for their adorable prints and my favorite is the Tokidoki prints. I admit I have this bag in more than one print 🙂 on the regular, I get compliments on this bag and people are always surprised when I say it’s a diaper bag.
  2. storage: there are so many pockets on this bag, it’s ridiculous. I have plenty of space for my go to travel items: laptop, a change of clothes, headphones, a book, my sketchbook and my wallet. When all the pockets are filled, I admit the bag can be the size of a baby hippo…but I make it work 😛
  3. clean up: Jujube bags are machine washable and I am quite the germaphobe so after every trip, this baby goes into the washing machine and comes out looking just as good as new.

I literally have the world in my bag
side pockets for magazines
always got hand sanitizer

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