Vanessa & Jeremiah

Hello lovelies! I apologize for the brief pause in writing, but it’s been crazy town over here! Spring time = baby product shows every weekend or in the case of last week, one every other day on both sides of the coast. I’ll do a post on what exactly a baby product show is on another day, but today we’re highlighting a different passion of mine.

Along with my day job (event planning/managing consumer shows for Ergobaby & Orbit Baby), I do wedding coordinating on the side since I have SOOO much free time 😛 but seriously, I generally attend 4 weddings a year on average…and the last five years, I’ve had 8 weddings a year…yay…so much love…and so expensive for my poor wallet haha but for real, yay love!

This past weekend, I had the honor of coordinating my good friend, Vanessa’s, wedding! It took place in San Diego and despite the fact that we have rain in Cali maybe three days a year, the rain decided to make itself known the days prior to Vanessa’s wedding and the day of so we had to make haste and change some things around.

rehearsal with the bride
The ceremony and reception were on campus of UCSD (go Tritons!) which was an interesting choice as students were milling around to class when one drives up to the Faculty Club, but once you entered the wedding venue, you were transformed to a different place with it’s strings of lights and lit candles.

A month or so prior to the wedding, Vanessa and I had gone over the plans and day of, I had my binder with timelines and task ready to go. Before I knew it, it was go time! We lined up the wedding party and got everyone enough tissues (we knew tears would be flowing!) and next thing we knew the processional music began. Vanessa and Jeremiah (the groom) were a delight to work with and I love how the entire theme for the night was simple: love with close family and friends…and some swing dancing (Jeremiah is a pro!). You could really see the love radiating through the crowd and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when their parents did their speeches and during the father/daughter & mother/son dance. Also Vanessa and Jeremiah’s first dance was a SHOW STOPPER which I wish I could show the world, but I was too busy enjoying it to record it all.



Even with all the planning, I admit there were a few snafus, but nothing a little “Priscilla magic” aka quick thinking couldn’t fix. I’m not even going to tell you what the snafus were because if the guests/bride and groom didn’t know, it never happened 😛

Overall, mother nature was kind to us and the skies remained clear yet overcast (perfect for photos!) and everyone had a great time with the photobooth (the floral arch was handmade by the groom!).

When I was first asked to coordinate this wedding, I thought nah, I haven’t done one on my own in a while and I’m too tired…but honestly, I would do it again. I love checking things off the list and making sure the bride and groom have nothing to worry about. I really do love LOVE and seeing my closets friends find it is always amazing to me 🙂 I guess you could say I’m a little bit of a romantic…and a workaholic haha but I know what I’m good at and event planning and coordinating seems to be my calling for now 🙂 Anyways, cheers to a wonderful weekend that ended with SPARKLERS! And anything that ends with sparklers is just straight up amazing ❤

the bride and groom

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