Lily Jade and Co – Elizabeth


I found this bag online and actually saw it used as a camera bag which peaked my interest. 

It’s a gorgeous bag with the genuine leather and the gold hardware so no one recognizes this is a diaper bag since it literally is a leather purse. I can also see moms using this “diaper bag” for many years after baby is born. I’m a perfect example since I have no children and I rock this on the daily and many of my non-mommy friends have asked about this purse. Keep in mind that the price point is relatively high for a diaper bag but is on par for the cost of a leather purse. 

Also forewarning this bag can be a little heavy. I think it’s due to the hardware and the thick material, but this bag is heavy without anything in it. I don’t think about it much as I usually wear it as a shoulder bag, but as a short purse (holding it in my forearm), the weight distribution isn’t the best. It probably doesn’t help that I tend to carry everything + the kitchen sink with me 🙂
Lastly, the inside holder of the Lily Jade and Co bags is removeable which is amazing and makes moving my stuff into other bags so easy. I do love having lots of pockets, BUT I admit that I get confused where my stuff is and things get lost due to the many pockets so you’ll see me freaking out that I lost something a few times a day when I use this bag. Again this might be an issue of me wanting to bring everything with me all the time!

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