TwelveLittle Allure Backpack


But first, the Allure Backpack info: this bag was introduced to me by my mommy friend (and fellow diaper bag lover!), Cashmere (check out her cute kids here)


I did a little more research into the brand and I loved how the theme of the product is based off the Asian zodiac of twelve animals.

Julia, the founder of Twelve Little, told me that she and her best friend, Jenny, wanted to create something cute, functional and fashionable for parents. Now I don’t have any children, but I always love functional and fashionable and I immediately fell in love with the chic look of the bag and the leather trim is the cherry on top.


photocred: Cashmere

The Allure backpack has a drawstring and a magnet close with a large inside that is good for light loads. Forewarning, if you overstuff it, it is hard to close it due to the magnet closure not reaching. However, this bag is plenty of space for the everyday items. I also am a huge fan of the many outside pockets. There are insulated side pockets where I could put a waterbottle or snacks, but I usually just slip in my sunglasses and car keys. The best part is there is a secret pocket in the back of the backpack. I read it’s suppose to be used for dirty diapers or things one wants to be discreet about, but I usually stick my phone or extra cash in there.

Overall, this backpack is one of my favs because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag so I can use it during my everyday!


NOW for the GIVEAWAY: Twelve Little has been kind enough to let one of you lucky readers win an Allure Backpack! All you have to do to enter is:

  1. follow my blog (there’s a button that says “follow” in the lower right hand corner)
  2. follow Twelve Little’s Instagram
  3. follow my instagram
  4. BONUS: for an extra entry comment on this blog post or my “blog announcement” instagram post with why you want to win this bag.

A winner will be chosen on Saturday, the 20th, and announced here on Sunday, the 21st!

25 thoughts on “TwelveLittle Allure Backpack

  1. I would love to win because being a mommy of twins, I need a functional bag that will allow me to carry all our necessities times 2! So backpacks are PERFECT for me!

    I can’t follow your blog get since there is no option to on my phone, but I definitely will when I get on my laptop! 😘 Good luck everybody!


  2. I would love to win this bag because I totally trust Priscilla when she is a fan of any product, and she is sooooo right, this bag is ahhhmazing and chic! I am planning to expand my wardrobe and using the best products as we try for our first kid! So excited to follow love.lilla for the best of all the world’s I love, too!


  3. I would love to win I’m expecting my second child October 3rd and having a backpack would be so much more convenient. That means I have two free arms for my two baby’s. And less stress on one shoulder. And I’m absolutely in love with twelve little diaper bags. ❤️ Thank you for the opportunity 😘
    P.S left a comment on Instagram Paige username @gabbysunshinej


  4. I’ve been looking for a backpack for toting around all the ‘things’ that come with a child, and this is lovely! Currently on my mobile, so I’ll follow as soon as I get to my computer! 🙂


    1. Hi Gabby! I was told that on a mobile phone there is no option to follow sadly 😦 you can only follow on a desktop…if you can’t make it to a desktop, I’m happy if you could leave a comment on the blog post and I’ll count that as an entry 🙂


  5. I totally love this backpack diaper bag. It’s all black just like I want to go with my all black chicco urban stroller. I need something easy to carry and handle with baby, and this is also appropriate for my hubby to carry around too!


  6. My son is a year old now and I’ve been searching for the perfect backpack since he was born! This bag would be perfect for baby-wearing & for fitting cloth diapers since they can take up so much space in other side bags! We’d love to win this!


  7. Love this backpack! I nannied for two years in Sausalito and used a green REI backpack (with everything loose inside). I wanted a backpack for my baby (born last July) but was unable to find one that I liked, especially since they tend to be so pricey. I just came across Twelve Little via the Baby Guy Box and am in loooooove. Only problem is I just hit a parked car during a failed parallel parking attempt in san rafael (ugh so embarassing…was sleep deprived and nannying and my own baby was crying, perfect combo right?!) And want to let the dust settle before I approach the husband for a new diaper bag….haha so basically winning this would solve my problem and save my marriage.


  8. This is such a cute, convenient & spacious backpack! I’m a mommy-to-be to a little girl that is due in June! I’ve been following TweleveLittle’s Instagram and I’ve loved every backpack on their page, & I’ve always wanted to add one to my baby girl’s closet! I’ve also followed your blog and your Instagram! As a new mom, I’m trying to find reliable and durable products for my new babe and I & it would be amazing to win this backpack 🙂 my IG: janissayvonne


  9. I’ve been eyeing this bag for a LONG time knowing this would be the perfect diaper bag for me one day. The backpack feature is a must! My husband and just I found out a few weeks ago we’re expecting our first this October! yay!


  10. I love a backpack- it’s all I carry these days and I’m able to chase my toddler at the playground or through the streets of NYC. I love that my little calls it my ‘Pack Back.’ My current one has seen it’s better days so a new one would be a wonderful win!!!


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