Hello…It’s me :)


Hi! I’m Priscilla and I’m joining this blog world because I’ve been influenced by many of my “mommy friends”…wait let me back up and explain why I have so many mommy friends 🙂

Let’s try again! Hi, I’m Priscilla and I do PR & Events for a baby product company…and I have no children, but have been called the baby product guru since my world tends to revolve around baby products. Anyways, I’m starting this little blog space because I tend to fall in love with things, places and people and wanted a place to put all these loves!


This space will revolve around the following:

  • my travels (I’m gone 40% of the year!)
  • diaper bags (I’m a lover of all bags…but due to my work have amassed quite a few of these lovelies)
  • my art (I was an art major in college and my creative outlet ranges from sketches, paintings and photography)
  • high tea (I got into afternoon high tea in college and haven’t looked back!)
  • fashion (I’m a BIG shopper and I love finding new places to buy pretty or unique things)

Of course my interest and life are always evolving so we’ll see where else this takes me, but here it is for now. Hope you enjoy and I would love to connect!

PS for those of you who read ALL of this: CONGRATS! I’m doing a giveaway of one of my favorite diaper bags by Twelve Little so check out my diaper bag posts coming out at 3pm PST today or check my Instagram for details!


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