First stop on the honeymoon tour was this beautiful island! We arrived by ferry which took roughly 3 hours from Athens and we quickly checked in, dropped off our stuff and headed to Plaka beach. We didn’t realize we had come during the end of season so everything was closed near the beach and honestly, it was great because it felt like we had the beach to ourselves!

The water was a tad chilly, but once you jump in, you settle in well and could see the schools of fish. It also helps to get swim googles if you want to see more ocean life.

Next up, we did a private half day tour of the island. We didn’t know, but in order to see the historical sites, you need a car and in order to rent one, you need an international driver’s license. So since we didn’t have one ahead of time, the next best thing was a private tour. It turned out for the best because the private tour meant we had a knowledgeable guide the entire way! My husband is much more into history than me so he was loving it!

Then we had a private marble carving class! Naxos is known for their marble so this was amazing being “like the Greeks” 🙂 We spent 3 hours learning how to use the tools, sketching out our designs and then carving. It was so much work, but so worth it! We forever have a piece of artwork that we made.

And the entire trip, we enjoyed the local food and house wine!

If you’re debating which islands, I would strongly recommend Naxos because it feels less touristy and more like you’re joining a part of a family. The beaches were beautiful and so calm and serene and I still salivate thinking of all the delicious seafood and gyros – Naxos, you’ve been a dream and we cannot wait to visit again xo

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