“Do you want to get boba?” – the one question that will always get a yes…well that and “do you want to order dessert?” 😊 so back to the boba, the delicious treat that is both a drink and a snack with the yummy boba balls or pudding or whatever topping you want to add, that is both a social event and a nice pick me up from varieties of teas – it’s one of my favorite things, but when the pandemic shut the world down, we didn’t know the next time we would be able to go get boba. In comes, SAMMEE, the at home boba kit that makes my favorite boba drink in my own kitchen in a matter of minutes! Okay it’s really like an hour, but it’s mostly letting the boba balls cook and do it’s thing so even I, Miss Not Domestic Queen, could do it! Please follow along on my boba making journey with the SAMMEE Thai Milk Tea Boba 👩🏻‍🍳

All in one kit!

First up, is cooking the boba balls in boiling water! Be cautious that the balls are fragile in dried form so don’t smash them accidentally like I did (RIP those 5 boba balls). I only cooked half the pack because once the boba balls are cooked, they should be eaten in 6 hours so I saved some for my next drink.

This is the longest part which is really just waiting for the boba to cook and stirring occasionally. I took this time to paint my nails and listen to the latest Asian Boss Girl podcast (multitasking ftw!).

After they are cooked, time to cool them off and add sugar.

Next up is making the tea! Luckily I have a one person tea “kettle”, but if you’re making for a group, definitely use a bigger pot – this kit makes more than one boba drink which means it’s the gift that keeps on giving 😉

When the tea is ready to go, it’s time to put it all together and enjoy 😊

Tada – boba milk tea in the comfort of my home! If you want to do this in the comfort of your home, you can order this kit directly from the site or find them at your local Nordstroms. The kit is great because they have options for different teas (we got the wild Thai tea) that can come in a powder, tea or yogurt version AND you have an option to add on a reusable boba straw! Lastly, this is also a great Christmas gift in the season of giving with its fun holiday packaging so no need to wrap (hello, I’m Priscilla and I hate wrapping gifts 😅).

Hope you enjoyed my at home boba adventure and hope we can get boba together soon xo

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