Springtime in San Diego

Things are starting to open up slowly and surely, but right at the end of spring, we still planned to keep it local for trips for comfort levels. So far we’ve been able to pack up and head to San Diego for a weekend along with my college roommate so we can revisit the old stomping grounds as well as visit new places.

Flower Fields

First on the list was to visit the famous flower fields in Carlsbad. You have to buy tickets online (roughly $12/person) ahead of time as they are trying to keep capacity at a minimum. At first we were surprised by how regimented the place felt – it was nothing like the antelope poppies we’d seen before in the wild. However, with all the markers and lines, it allowed for the space to not feel crowded. They also had lines ready to go around the picturesque spots. Please note you cannot stand amongst the flowers as they are marked off and a person on a golf cart will come round and scold you. I didn’t love the green tape that was in a lot of our photos, but you take what you can get. Also the view was gorgeous!

Next we headed to strawberry picking which is literally across the street from the flower fields! Honestly I thought it was overhyped because I’m paying to do the work…however I was pleasantly surprised that by being able to choose each strawberry that goes in my bucket (ps the “bucket” is really a tiny styrofoam thing and it costs $10…) so all of them were sweet and red! Cost to enter is $5, then it’s another $5 to enter the strawberry picking zone OR $10 to enter the strawberry zone + the “bucket”. It is a fun activity to do, but wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty as it’s very dusty and somewhat muddy.

The strawberry picking place is actually more like a fair with corn hole and a sunflower maze and lots of goodies to eat and buy. We went during peak heat so we didn’t stay too long, but it is worth it to try it once! The rest of the weekend, we spent visiting our old college campus of UCSD, seeing our old friends and doing an escape room (we were chained up with handcuffs!). It was a packed weekend, but so worth exploring our “old hometown” nearby xo

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