Baltimore Marathon Relay

My family likes to run races together…actually we just like to be together and races is a good “excuse” for us all to get together 🙂 of course, a few of us complain about how much we don’t like to run and how broken we are, but at the end of the day, the bonding over running is something I cherish.

This past weekend, my family got together in Baltimore to do the Running Fest Marathon Relay. My aunt did the half last year and she won us over with the cool crab medal and the idea that we only have to run 6-7 miles which isn’t that bad (our first race together was a marathon 😅). We all signed up and before we knew it, race weekend was here.

So we had two teams of four and we paired up to get to our legs of the race. I was leg 3. First, I highly recommend if you’re doing a relay, to turn on find my friends to have some idea of where your team is. This helps you have an estimate of how much time you have to use the bathroom or get some water Note: it’s freakin nerve wrecking waiting for your relay partner to appear or to look for your partner to hand of too. The signage at this race was honestly horrible so it was a lot of guessing where to go. We did all end up where we needed to be, but it could have gone a lot smoother if there were clearly marked locations/exchange points.

My leg was 6.7 miles with hills being about half of it. Honestly, I should have trained on some hills 😅 but I finished at a decent pace and seeing my partner to hand off was amazing. I mentally complained every time there was a hill haha but sheer will (and competitiveness against the other team!) made me keep up! Then I promptly rushed to make it to the finish line to try and see the end 🙂

Anyways the race is done and my legs aren’t sore anymore (my thighs were hurting the next two days cuz again, I should have trained on hills prior to this 😅)! I say I hate running, but honestly I can’t wait for the next race we do together. I love family time any way I can get it xo

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