I’m backkkkk! 


So guess who’s back at a Ergobaby?! If you guessed me, YOU WOULD BE RIGHT! So why you may ask? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I wrote this elaborate goodbye a few months ago and was embarking on something new, but life happens, plans change and another life lesson was added to the book of my life.

Next steps were now to re-evaluate what my priorities and goals were…and how to pay rent 😛 When life changes, so does perspective and I realized how lucky I have been at Orbit Baby and Ergobaby where they have helped me develop and grow. And let’s be honest, as a single woman with no kids, I have quite the abundance of baby knowledge so why not continue down the #babyguru path 😛

So do I know what I’m doing with my life/career? Not exactly, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to try new things and for things to not always go as planned. And I still stand by my initial life lessons that I wrote about in my “Ergobaby goodbye” Instagram post, but for those of you who didn’t get to read it, here they are:

1) BE TEACHABLE – we all can learn from one another so listen and be open to other opinions as they can and will help you form your own

2) BE HUNGRY – opportunity is everywhere so be open and ready because sitting back doesn’t result in change. And if opportunities don’t present itself, make them!

3) BE KIND – we are all human no matter what job or position we hold so remember to always leave people better than you found them.

Here’s to seeing what’s next for this #babyguru xo


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