Last Baby Show – #SSW16

mommy & me visiting Santa at my last baby show

You may have seen/heard me talk about how I can’t hang out some weekends because I have to go to a baby show or you’ve noticed I’m on planes a lot traveling for baby shows. So what is a baby show you ask?

A baby show is an event for either first time parents or long time parents who are interested in meeting the manufacturers of baby products so they can learn the deets and try things on. And since my employer is Ergobaby, I fall under the category of baby products (swaddlers, carriers, nursing pillows, etc). And no, we don’t sell babies at baby shows 😛

For the past 4 years, I’ve been managing and working baby shows all over the US. I’ve been blessed to travel to Florida, Chicago, Boston, Utah, Texas, New York, Portland and more. And I’ve been even more blessed to meet so many excited first time parents, car seat techs, bloggers and other manufacturers/vendors! However, it’s time to hang up my baby show hat and try my hand at something else starting 2017! Have no fear, I’m still with Ergobaby and still in the baby industry, but I’ll be shifting roles and working with the CEO 🙂 As excited as I am by this new role, I’ll be sad to miss out on meeting these friendly faces…but I will not miss living on a plane 😛

I think Jett likes me 🙂
Haylie and Matt are the SWEETEST!

Anyways, here’s a little snippet on my last event, Santa’s Secret Workshop, as the #babyguru this past weekend. I fully admit this is one of my favorite shows ever because I’m a little bit of a celebrity buff aka I LOVE celebs and celeb facts and this event is chalk full of them 🙂 Santa’s Secret Workshop is hosted by Marque Communications and benefits LA Family Housing. I love that there is a charity aspect to this AND I love that I get to hang out with some of my favorite people in a holiday setting. It really is like a family reunion because a lot of us vendors have been together since the start of this event in 2010 and overtime we have grown together with the guest’s ever growing families. It really isn’t work when hanging out with friends…but shh…don’t tell my boss 😛  I love helping them set up their car seat or baby carrier with their first child and then seeing them again pregnant with #2…or #3. Also I fly my mom down as her Christmas gift because life is always more fun with family! It’s been a good ride so I can’t wait to see where I end up next xo

any Even Stevens fans?
this moment is EVERYTHING! Freddie Prinze Jr. was my first movie crush from She’s All That!


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