I went to Boston a few months ago with my immediate and extended family! We haven’t been together in a while or back to Boston (my mom is from there…GO RED SOX!) for quite a few years so it was nice to go back to the old stomping grounds and eat our way around. I don’t know about your family, but my family plans our day around our meals. We are so hardcore, if we know someone is visiting in a month, we ask them what genre of food they want for dinner the second night they are there…like we make up a menu itinerary..we take this process very seriously 😛

Farmstead Table: farm to table food! We came here for brunch (my favorite meal of the day!) and it was soooo cute! Totally instagram worthy 🙂

I had the Farmer’s Breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, home potatoes and their homemade bread. It was very simple yet SO GOOD! Perhaps it does have to do with the freshness of the items, but this was one of my favorite meals. The highlight was seriously the bread! We actually asked for more because who doesn’t love carbs 😛

My dad got the open faced breakfast sandwich was was basically the Farmer’s Breakfast all together with a side of fresh greens. So no surprise, this was delicious too 🙂 And my mom got the french toast with blueberries. The real hero of that meal was…the bread HAHA I’m not sure you can tell, but I have a thing for carbs 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the popovers but THIS IS A MUST GET! It was light and fluffy and they run out so be sure to order baskets (yes, plural!) of it. It comes with jam and butter…and together it’s basically heaven in your mouth!

Next up is Kelly’s! This place is literally a stand by the beach and it’s a local favorite. They are known for their fried clams, lobster rolls and roast beef sandwiches. Since we wanted to try everything we got one of each item 🙂 I was feeling pretty full at this point, but I made sure to sample a little of everything. The fried clams were fine…but I honestly couldn’t tell what made them so special. I always feel like if you fry something, it taste great so I’m not sure if this fried clam is better than another stand’s fried clam haha sorry I’m not a great foodie 😛 I appreciated the roast beef sandwich was THICK because it had so many thinly sliced roast beef pieces. My brother gobbled that up quickly! Now to the hero of the meal for me was the lobster roll! For some reason I am always surprised that the lobster roll is chilled because I expect seafood to be warm, but I like the texture of the lobster meat with the dry bread. This is a great meal to pick up and go have a picnic at the beach 🙂

J.P. Licks is a cute ice cream shop that is perfect for a hot summer day. We ended up here twice in two days so I’ll leave you with that aka you gotta go 🙂Now the HIGHLIGHT of the trip: dessert! We drove to Little Italy aka the most crowded area EVER and stopped at Mike’s Pastry shop…let me preface with the fact that I hate crowds…I go out of my way to avoid crowds…unless it’s Black Friday Shopping than I’m all in like Hunger Games style but that’s a story for another time 😛  So back to Mike’s shop, it is confusing because there is a long counter and no signs of where to go or what to do. So we queued up but instead of a line it was basically a giant mosh pit and you need to get to the front to put in your order where the nice lady will wrap up the cannoli, lobster tails or eclairs you order. They also have quite the assortment of cookies. We made it and we literally just ordered one of everything because there is no menu and you can’t see all the baked goodies because there are too many people crowded around the long counter so we figured we might as well go big or go home. We ended up with 16 different cannoli, 4 lobster tails, 6 eclairs and two boxes of cookies. Basically we have no shame in our dessert game 😛 So the lobster tails were beautifully layered pastries filled with cream. It’s delicious the first few bites, but for me, it became too sweet and I desperately needed milk. The cannoli were filled with different creams and were amazing! I did have the same issue of feeling like I had too much cream going on so I only had half of one. I think if I had milk, I would have made it to more of the cannoli because the cream was light and the flavors were subtle, but you could taste the difference. I guess portion control can be a good thing 😛And now to the finale aka my favorite place in Boston: the Japonaise Bakery! They are known for their Azuki Creams. It’s literally a puff filled with cream and red bean. I can literally eat a boxful by myself because it’s so delicious…too bad that isn’t good for my health BUT if calories didn’t count I would definitely have at this yummy goodiness 🙂

Hopefully ya’ll can check out one or all of these stops next time you’re in Boston! Happy eating x0


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