Fawn Design

IMG_8318 (1)I found this Utah based company, Fawn Design, from Instagram and the founder, Jenny, is the sweetest person ever! I was counting down the days till my bag arrived and it came in a lovely dust bag. I appreciate nice packaging and the Fawn Design dust bag was a nice touch.

When I opened the bag, I was surprised by how fancy the black bag looks like and the faux leather and gold hardware is so striking. A major pro is that the faux leather allows for quick wipes and cleans without harming the material.

Another huge pro is the bag can be used as a backpack and as a shoulder bag without having to switch straps around. It can be a little odd having the backpack straps hanging when I’m using it as a shoulder bag, but I usually just tighten the backpack straps so they hang clean against the bag and are out of the way. I admit I usually use the bag as a shoulder bag, but I like having options.


The main pocket is spacious enough to fit my everyday items: planner, sketchbook, pens, wallet and travel make up bag. The side pockets are a little small for my water bottles if the main pocket is filled, but if the bag is partially empty, it slides right in. I usually use the side pockets for my phone and/or sunglasses though.

The only con I can think of is that the hardware can make the bag a little heavy in comparison to other bags, but I take the heaviness in lieu of the sturdy/pretty gold hardware.

I recently just got this bag in the new Blush color which I adore and am so excited to use out and about!


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