Micro-Wedding – J & N

My brother and sister in law got married during the pandemic and right before the vaccines were available. We were all on high alert to not get sick, but also wanted to celebrate their love as best we could! My brother and sister in law (with the help of their friends!) hosted an amazingly intimate and pandemic conscious wedding.

The venue was Berkeley City Club which had constant air flow since the space was covered outdoors. There was a small courtyard to take some photos which we did one at a time to minimize overlap of people.

The ceremony itself was heartfelt with a sermon on love and God’s love being center of it all. There were speeches of thank you and blessings and all of this was also on Zoom so our family and friends near and far could join in safely. The wedding was intimate with only immediate family and a handful of friends who all had jobs – audio, florists, etc. I’m so amazed by how their church community pitched in and made this beautiful day so special and safely.

To my baby brother, I’m so glad you found your partner in life and such a great community of people around you. To my sister in law, welcome to our family officially! Love you both so much xo


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