So Halloween was never a huge deal for me growing up…I wasn’t really into buying a costume to be worn ONE NIGHT (too much logic :P) and I am so picky about what candy I like to eat (hello Reese’s and Kit Kat!) that it felt like a waste to “work” all night asking for candy to only end up liking a few pieces. Also staying at home to see peoples’ costumes wasn’t that thrilling for me either (I know I sound like the Halloween Grinch haha) so my family would turn the house lights off and go get a steak dinner. Now that is a treat to me, steak with mashed potatoes and all you can eat bread rolls *heart eyes* We would try a little on Halloween and leave a basket of candy outside the door with a sign that said “please take one”,  but of course there is always one jerk kid (or teen) who would take the whole basket so we ended that tradition real quick haha anyways like I said, Halloween was never a big deal for me. However upon joining the work force, I’ve found Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday *eyeroll* So since I aim to be the best employee ever, I partake. Last month, I started a new job and when I found out the execs LOVE Halloween, I knew I had to ace this one. Luckily (or unluckily?) my direct boss couldn’t make it to work during our Halloween celebration and she already had a costume ready to go so guess who was ready in the wings to step up 🙋🏻

can you find me? if oh guesses the awkward chick on the left YOU ARE RIGHT 😛

BOOM! Welcome to the world, KISS the Konnect way 😅 if I look awkward posing, it’s because I was. Man oh man, do I feel weird with a full face of makeup (my daily makeup is tinted moisturizer and some eyeliner) and a mullet wig. Please let’s note that I really do not look good in a mullet wig and it was itchyyyyy as heck! BUT I have to admit, to see my fellow coworkers faces’ when we all walked in (and to the KISS music too!) I have to say it was worth it. Also it is nice to feel like part of my new company. Always hard to be the new kid, but Konnect has shepherded me in and being the KISS Cat was the cherry on top 😛

Now this year is also the first Halloween with the boyfriend so of course, I am THAT girl who loves couple costumes 🙂 Since I was so busy trying to figure out what facepaint works well on sensitive skin and how to put on the damn mullet wig, I was running out of time. In steps in my amazing and oh so talented friend, Natalie! We went to college together and we had many road trips from San Diego back to the bay. I spotted on her Instagram story, a beautiful Belle dress. I slide into her DMs 😛 and asked her where she got that beauty. Surprise surprise, SHE MADE IT! I was in awe and asked if it was possible to get one made one for me too…and in four days because that’s the next time I would see her and before Halloween. Nat said of course and then I just had to wait…

Tada! Hello gorgeous classic yellow dress Belle! I was amazed at the craftmenship and was so happy. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE…

Hello I’m now “little town, quiet village” Belle! A reversible Belle apron so I could live out my Belle dreams entirely 🙂 Now you know I love sharing my dreams, so one of you lucky readers/insta followers, will win $50 credit to Natalie’s Etsy shop and can be your own princess too! Here are the rules:

1) follow me 

2) follow Natalie 

3) comment here or on my insta post who your favorite Disney princess is and why

The winner will be announced Wednesday, the 8th.

Also if you remember, I said I love couple costumes, so check out the boyfriend as my beast/prince…he did so good 🙂 xo


3 thoughts on “Halloween 

  1. 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛 My favorite Disney Princess is Belle because she sees the beauty inside other people and does not judge people by the way they look. Belle also enjoys reading books like I do. 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛

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