My friends are pregnant…

“We’re pregnant!!!”….(let me preface this with I am not pregnant!) but two of my bestests are! And this got me thinking about life stages and friendships. Now I’m used to hearing the exclamation of “I’m engaged!!” as I’ve been to almost 50 weddings in the last 6 years 0_0 The being friends with married friends I got down pat. Honestly, not much changes friendship wise because we still get to hang out, grab Chick-fil-A, get our nails done, go shopping etc.  The only major difference is they tend to settle down more and buy a home or get a dog…and I’m over here trying to figure out how to keep a plant alive 😛 Also occasionally the husbands come along and that’s okay because I’m still an amazing third wheel 😛

third wheel

third wheel

But now a baby is coming into the world so what happens now? Do you just join your mommy and me groups and I’m over here in my …non mommy and me group (Actually the ironic part is as one of the few single folks in my friend groups, I’m involved in a heck of a lot of mommy groups…thank you Orbit Baby and Ergobaby :P)???

Ultimately the question is: are things going to be different? OF COURSE IT IS! And to be honest, I am a little nervous/worried about how different it is going to be because what if you’re so busy being a mom, that you won’t find time to hear my rants about the newest Younger episode (like seriously, I’m obsessed with Younger!!!). BUTTTT as worried as I am about the change, I’m actually more excited because if I’ve learned anything in my 20s, it’s that life is different everyday and all the days because at all life stages are constant change and that ain’t a bad thing.


I know my soon to be mama friends, that you’ll probably be a little more tired/busy trying to keep a little human alive. But that’s okay because have no fear, I’m still here for you. Granted I’ll probably be there only around your baby’s new sleep schedule but I’ll be there 😛 We probably can’t hit up the clubs (let’s be honest now, when did we ever really LOL) but we can shop for kid’s clothes (while I still shop for purses…I have an addiction we know :P) and still grab fast food (but probably should try for the healthier options for baby for the first year!) and still have girl talk (but in hushed tones when baby is sleeping!) So let’s be patient with one another as we reorient our new lives around this upcoming little human!

baby carrying
It takes a village to raise a baby and you betcha I’m gonna be the best and most fun aunt/godmother ever! PS I’m definitely going to be sneaking your kids candy and chocolates as bribes to be their favorite and when they have a sugar high, I’m going home 😛



3 thoughts on “My friends are pregnant…

    1. I try my best because it’s either go with the changes or lose a lot of friends on the way…I prefer the former haha and I think I prefer to hang with people’s pet so I can pet them and play catch but don’t have to worry about grooming or having to walk them haha


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